El Gallery in Naxos, Moni

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Location: Moni

Welcome to the unique world of Gallery El, where you can explore outstanding Handmade Collections of Art & Aesthetics. El Gallery opened in spring 2015 by Helen Marakis, an expat from Naxos living for 30 years in New York and returning again to her island to create this lovely art space in the village of Moni.

Her mission is an imposing rebirth of the Spirit of Naxos with:

- Artistic Expressions of Olive Tree on Naxian Marble
- Driftwood Art Creations
- Landscape & Village Scenes from Ancient to Modern
- Invigorating representations of the Olive Tree, deriving from the Picturesque
- A visual stimulation of handmade Ceramic Pottery & Clay: Sculpted Nautical Thematology
- Fine hand-crafted & One-of-a-kind Silver Jewelry that really impress with their Finesse & Style, Charming & Fascinating
- An extraordinary variety of Visual & Pictorial Art on a wide array of elegant objects & works
- Art that captures the beauty & tradition of the Naxian Culture, as well as the Heritage, Monuments & Attractions
- Figures & Eclectic works of art that try to catch the movement and the emotion from everyday scenes and moments of life
- Handcrafted Unique Works of Art All products are Greek, absolutely handmade constructions, made of wood, raw brass, gold, copper & silver Argento sheets or enamel, a result of inspiration and desire.

The artifacts they sell are just as diverse & remarkable as the Naxian people themselves.




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