Naxos Terra Grazia Winery in Sangri

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Location: Sangri

Located in the mountainous settlement of Sangri in central Naxos, Terra Grazia is a newly-founded establishment in the wine-making business! Led by the revered oenologist Grigoris Skopelitis and the professor of agriculture Stefanos Koundouras, this group of people aims to preserve and give new life to its nearly old vineyard while also reviving unique grape varieties on the mineral-filled soil of Naxos Island!

As of 2023, Terra Grazia showcases two distinct wine types to the world of wine lovers, namely the Fokiano 2022 and the Mosaic 2022!
The Fokiano 2022 is a rosé wine made by combining a plethora of different grapes from high-altitude spots throughout Naxos Island! This pale, onion-colored wine offers flavorful cherry and strawberry tones while pairing perfectly with pasta meals, chicken servings, soft cheese, and fruits!
On the other hand, the Mosaic 2022 is a white wine featuring a combination of rare and one-of-a-kind grape varieties, mainly ones that are over 70 years of age! The unique green-colored touches of the wine, as well as the lemon, apricot, and pineapple tones of the Mosaic, pair perfectly with white meat, fish, seafood meals, shrimp, and pasta with cream-based white sauce!

It is important to note that the winery of Terra Grazia does not accept visits nor perform tours at the moment, as they prefer to focus solely on wine-making.
However, you may book a visit to the estate upon earlier request with the intention of purchasing one or more of the available bottles!



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