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Agia Marina Beach: A very secluded and gorgeous beach, with bright sand and crystal blue water, Agia Marina beach on the island of Milos, is located about 13.5 kilometers to the south of the town of Plaka. This sandy beach offers a lot of facilities to visitors, with easy access to restaurants and other necessities.

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"Picture perfect" would be an understatement for a beach so beautiful, which is yet untouched by tourists to a large extent. It is easily accessible either on foot or by car.

The view from anywhere on the beach is breathtaking. Sloping mountains lead us down to the narrow beach that is mostly bright sand, but with pebbles interspersed every now and then. The mountains tower around the beach and dive into the sea, creating beautiful vantage points to sit and watch the tide break on the rocks right below you and feel the sea breeze ruffle your hair.

The sea, as almost all over Greece, is a brilliant blue and just adds to the plethora of colors that are on display in this natural paradise. Calm, quiet and almost exclusive, this beach is the ideal place to spend a day or more of your relaxing Greek vacation.

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