Milos Kapros beach

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General information

Kapros Beach in Milos: Kapros beach is located on the northern side of Milos. A narrow bay is created by unique rock formations that almost enclose the water, making it look like a small lake. The rocks also shape a small arch under which one can swim. The turquoise waters are crystal-clear, and the strand is made up of a combination of silver sand and gravel.

The beach is not organized, as it is very narrow, so visitors will not find any facilities. However, it is fairly easy to reach by vehicle from the main road, while it is also visible from that spot.



1 Review
  • ablutsauger 10 Oct 2015
    Great look but with tons of garbage
    I give four stars and not less just because the beach is really cute. It's shape, especially from the distance, is original and not real.
    However, that garbage!!! I don't know what is it with all these beaches on the north, but especially Kapros. The water is full of it, and this was the only beach that had garbage on the coast too.