Xinotiri Cheese of Ios

Xinotiri Cheese from Ios: Greece is quite famous for its diverse and distinctive cuisine. Specialties from different regions cumulate to make a truly mouthwatering palette of dishes. One noteworthy mention is the variety of artisan cheeses that are found here. Among the cheese that one can find in the markets of Ios especially in Chora, the most fascinating one is Xinotiri. It is usually made in the mountains with either goat or sheep milk. It is a raw milk cheese that is soft and milky when fresh but becomes more compact with time.

The small pieces of Xinotiri are shaped like pinecones. Once it has been left to age for a while, the cheese is broken into small slices. It is usually white in color when fresh but acquires a pale yellow tint with time. Unlike most cheeses we know, Xinotiri does not ever develop a hard crust. It only develops a thin skin as it ages. Xinotiri has a dynamic flavor. When you first pop it into your mouth it has a distinct milky flavor but that quickly changes to leave an after taste of the herbs that are used to create this wonderful cheese that literally melts at the tip of your tongue.