Donoussa Geography

Donoussa is a small island that belongs to the complex of the Small Eastern Cyclades (along with Iraklia, Schinoussa, and Koufonissi). Located north of Amorgos and east of Naxos, the history of the island started recently as, in the Medieval times, this was a shelter of pirates. The geography of Donoussa features some excellent spots. A place ideal for trekking and calm vacations, Donoussa is an almost flat relief and gorgeous sandy coasts. The highest peak on Donoussa is Papas at an altitude of 383m, in the center of the island.

The rest of the island is a bit hilly, but nothing excessive. The landscape of Donoussa is pretty wild. The island is arid in summer and only in spring does it have some greenery. The wind blows strong all the year round but there are safe coves to swim, mostly on the southern side. In fact, the southern side of Donoussa is the most developed in tourism. The center of the activities is Donoussa or Stavros, the capital of the island. Most popular beaches are Kendros and Port beach, which are sandy. The rest of the beaches are rocky and can be accessed by boat or on foot.

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