Antiparos Venetian Castle

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Location: Town

The Venetian Castle of Antiparos (Kastro): Antiparos was a major attraction to all pirates in the Aegean Sea, due to its location. In 1440, the Venetians built a castle to protect the residents of this town. It has also given Antiparos its other name, Kastro, which means castle in Greek.

The castle or Kastro, now in ruins, comes up in the middle of the traditional settlement. It has a squared shape and many houses lie around it while a circular tower was built in the middle. The base of this circular tower was home to the local governor and this is the only part of the castle that stands today in all its glory. The walls of the houses around the castle doubled as the walls of the castle as well. The entrance to the castle is situated next to the metropolis of Agios Nikolaos.



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