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Glifa Beach Antiparos: The sandy beach of Glifa is on the southern area of Antiparos. It is at 6 km from the main town and close to other important locations that can be taken into account for planning strolls and excursions.

The beautiful Glifa Beach is located in a rural setting, which gives it an unspoiled look offering nice views towards the island of Paros. In the close areas there are some creeks as well. The southern beaches also count on great trees that provide shade from the sun in the hours when it gets stronger.

Glifa is a tranquil beach, and although it is ideal for families, it does not get as populated as Psaraliki I. Regarding the facilities of this beach, there are some hotels in the area Although it may be useful to take some supplies, the taverns in the surrounding locations, as well as in Glifa itself can fulfil the basic needs, and they are greatly reputed.

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Ktima Zantidi

Apartments3 keys

Traditional Stone Houses With respect to the traditional architecture of Antiparos, aiming at the high quality, the correct layout, the comfort and the correct distribution of the spaces with materials we have reused from the use in old buildings (stones, bricks, marble, etc.) in the ambient ...


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2 Reviews
  • Liset 21 Aug 2021
    Nice cave to vidit
    It really is a wonder of nature. The big stalagmite at the entrance and the different forms are wonderfull. You can walk along 440 steps into the cave. It is well kept. Because of the high humidity it is not recommended if you have shortness of breath or a heart condition.
    Costs are 5 euro now and you have to wear a mask.
  • brittasch 26 Jun 2008
    No beach bars but very nice
    Glifa was my favorite beach while I was in Antiparos. Of course, I stayed only for a couple of days, but still I thought this beach is worth to swim. It is actually a very long piece of sand with no taverns or beach bars by the coast, so it is pretty quiet. Remember that you have to go by car because there is no bus going there. It is to the south of Antiparos.