KTEL Buses in Amorgos

Below, you can find all the needed information about the buses in Amorgos :
Bus tickets & pricesRoutes

In brief, KTEL buses are the least pricey option for transportation on Amorgos Island. Routes connect the most visited areas and are more frequent in the summer.

Amorgos is a remote island visited by many nature lovers and alternative tourism enthusiasts. Cars and motorbikes are not so much used by tourists compared to other islands, with many preferring KTEL buses and local trails for their travels.
Buses mainly reach the busy areas, including the two ports of the island and the main town (Chora).


Bus tickets

The ticket prices in Amorgos range from €2.00 to €4.00. The cost of the ticket depends on the distance between the starting point and the destination and whether the route is morning or night (evening routes have more expensive tickets).
Buying the ticket does not reserve a specific seat, so when you board the bus you can sit wherever you wish.
Tickets are purchased inside the bus and it is possible that only cash may be accepted; we recommend having some euros on you if you plan to take the bus.



The buses in Amorgos are large with comfortable seats and air conditioning.
There is storage space both at the bottom of the vehicle (for bulky items such as suitcases) and above the seats (for smaller items such as bags). All passengers are entitled to free use of the storage areas if they have a ticket.
Please note that KTEL buses are not suitable for wheelchair users.


Getting to your destination

There is no central station where all the buses depart from, as is the case in Naxos and Santorini. The headquarters of the buses is located at the port of Aegiali. There are stops in Aegiali, Katapola, the Main Town (Chora), Monastiri, Agia Anna, and other tourist places in Amorgos.
Drivers often pass stops where people don't usually get off, so we advise travelers to inform the bus driver of their destination in advance.



The frequency of the buses depends on the time of year. As a remote island, it has few permanent residents, so there are limited itineraries during the low season.
On the contrary, with the arrival of tourists in the summer, the routes' frequency and the number of destinations increase.
If ridership is high, extra itineraries are added with advanced notice throughout the year.


Bus Routes

Below, you can find information on destinations in Amorgos you can reach by public bus (ticket prices, availability, and more).

Important note: Availability may change, depending on the season.
More in-between stops may be available for some of the routes.
Please make sure to double-check the timetables when you arrive on the island.

  • • From Aegiali to Katapola

    Availability: From 10:00 to 01:00 - 8 routes per day
    Stops: Aegiali - Agios Pavlos - Chora - Katapola
    Price: €3.50 (day service), €4.00 (night service)

  • • From Katapola to Aegiali

    Availability: From 9:30 to 00:00 - 8 routes per day
    Stops: Katapola - Chora - Aegiali
    Price: €3.50

  • • From Chora to Aegiali

    Availability: From 09:30 to 00:15 - 8 routes per day
    Stops: Chora - Agios Pavlos - Aegiali
    Price: €2.50 (day route), €3.50 (Aegiali > Chora night route)

  • • From Agios Pavlos to Aegiali

    Availability: From 09:45 to 00:30 - 8 routes per day
    Stops: -
    Price: €2.00

  • • From Agios Pavlos to Katapola

    Availability: From 10:10 to 01:10 - 8 routes per day
    Stops: N/A
    Price: €3.50

  • • From Katapola to Agia Anna

    Availability: From 10:00 to 18:00 - 6 routes per day
    Stops: Katapola - Chora - Monastery - Agia Anna
    Price: €2.00

  • • From Chora to Katapola

    Availability: From 10:40 to 01:30 - 12 routes per day
    Stops: -
    Price: €2.00 (day service), €2.50 (night service)

  • • From Katapola to Kalotaritissa

    Availability: Once a day
    Stops: Katapola - Chora - Valsamitis - Mouros Beach - Kamari - Arkesini - Paradisia - Shipwreck - Kalotaritissa
    Price: €4.00