The historical city of Heraklion and its wider prefecture has a lot of nice places for a quiet morning coffee or a buzzing night out. Cafeterias of all types, from mainstream and international brands to traditional Greek coffee shops, offer drinks and a variety of light snacks. Most Heraklion cafes are open all year long and play different kind of music, ranging from modern pop and rock to oriental rhythms.

Cafe in Heraklion can center at the picturesque squares scattered all around town, especially in Korai and Milatou streets. Many Heraklion cafes are also lining up the port of the city, providing also excellent views. Due to the student population in Heraklion, modern cafeterias attract mostly young people, so they are a great place to socialize. There are also many options by the beachfront at various tourist seaside villages.
What are the best Cafe in Heraklion? We have made a selection with the best 8 coffee shops in Heraklion and marked our favorite ones with a ❤.

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