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Maleme Crete: Maleme Beach is a peaceful stretch of sand and azure waters. The coast is frequently affected by northern winds, so be careful if you do not know much swimming.

This beach resort has a lot of amenities to offer to tourists, including close by hotels and taverns. For those looking for a bit of action, the beach offers a host of water sport opportunities, like fishing, snorkeling, diving and paragliding.

Close to the beach, you will find a sunken german airplane to commemorate the great battle between the Cretans and the Germans during the Second World War. Maleme beach stands 16 km to the west of Chania town and can be easily accessed with public transport.

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German War Cemetery

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2 Reviews
  • MCgee 29 Jan 2010
    Small and relaxing resort
    Chania Crete was the background of our holidays last summer. We have been to Crete many times before, but we love to come back again and again every summer. Of course, Crete is so big that you can't see it all in one summer or two.

    Last time, we went to Maleme, a small resort west of Chania. The hotel was small and didn't have many comforts, but the beach was on our foot day and night. The coast was sandy, clean and unwindy. It get crowded at about noon, but we went early in the morning and would leave a bit before noon, so we could relax at our own time. Just thought it would not be safe to swim when the sun is at the peak, because you will probably get sunburnt, so we normally choose safer hours and then spend the time in the balcony or the cafeterias, till the afternoon comes and we go swimming again.

    Maleme is actually a very comfortable location because it is half way from Chaniaand Kissamos, so it is very easy to get the bus and go to either of them for an evening walk.
  • chris46red 22 Jul 2009
    Love this healthy life attitude
    This was our second time in Crete and we mostly wanted a place to swim, relax and do nothing. The first time we had drived from one side of Crete to the other and had seen all the major towns and resorts, ancient sites and beautiful beaches, but this time we just needed to sleep a lot and swim. Our hotel was in Maleme, a nice and quiet village close about an hour from Chania, so that we wouldn't have to change transports. I hate this part, to take long to go to your hotel, especially when you are carrying heavy luggage.

    Our ten days in Maleme was exactly what we wanted. The beach was right in front of the hotel, the town of Chaniawas close if we wanted to go and buses were very frequent to the Town or to other beaches. All taverns by the sea were delicious but we used to have meals at the tavern far left, I don't remember the name, but the owner is short and has a big moustache, if this helps. We rented a car for two days, just to explore a little the area ourselves. Just drived, not going to somewhere specific, just wander around the inland and the villages.

    Villages in Crete are just as lovely as beaches and villages in the mainland could be totally quiet and traditional. We bought honey from an old lady on the way to Kissamos and I think this is the most delicious honey and really good for the children. I want my kids to eat biological products and there is no better place than Crete to get them. People in the villages of Crete seem to live in another world, no stress, no deadlines, nothing to worry them except for their families and friends. I love this attitude to life, this is really healty!