Map of Attica

Discover our Map of Attica, in Greece but also map of Athens: The prefecture of Attica is mostly famous as it hosts Athens, the capital of Greece. In fact, the urban development of Athens dominates in the largest part of Attica and has made this peninsula over-populated. However, away from Athens, on the corners of Attica, the population is less and the city gives way to nature. A region surrounded by sea on three sides, Attica also has four mountains (Parnitha, Hymettus, Penteli and Egaleo) to circle the basin of Athens.

As you can see on our Attica map, on the northern part, the region borders with Boetia, while on the western part it is divided from Peloponnese through the Corinth Canal. On the southwestern side of Attica, there is the complex of Saronic islands, on the southeastern side, there is the complex of Cyclades islands, while on the northeastern side there is Evia island.

View an image map or the interactive map below:

Map Of Attica