Athens Chapel of Prophet Elias

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Location: Glyfada

The Prophet Elias Chapel in Glyfada is an impressive building, spotted in the south part of the Hymettus mountain! It was built during the 1950s atop one of the most beautiful spots above Attica! Plus, it hosts a large external bell alongside a handful of benches.

The Church of Prophet Elias boasts whitewashed exteriors with colorful touches and a dome! Its imposing door leads to its white-painted interiors, where its icons are either hanging on the walls or placed into hand-carved holes that prevent them from falling over! On top of that, this chapel has lots of hanging, gilded censers and a candelabra for believers who want to light a candle!

The road to Prophet Elias includes a rough hike, though the church offers a spot of peace and quiet, paired with views over the southern suburbs of Athens and the Saronic Gulf! Moreover, the church hosts a two-day annual celebration on the 19th and 20th of July, where lots of believers climb up the mountainside using the lit-up trail!



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