Trabala Studio in Athens, Koukaki

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Location: Koukaki

If you are looking for unique ceramic pieces of art in the city of Athens, in the Koukaki neighborhood, lies a great, cozy workshop. It was established in 2017 by Jenny and Hercules. Their desire was to create and sell one-of-a-kind pieces of ceramic art by using traditional and modern techniques!
The space is divided into two sections. In the first area, which functions as an open workshop, customers have the chance to observe Jenny creating her ceramic art. The second area functions as the actual shop, where the owners display the finished products, that are available for purchase.

The items include practical objects for their customer's homes, and beautiful ceramic pieces for decoration as well. All of them are in size, color, or pattern, so visitors are sure that the items are unique!
The themes that are common to all pottery are the pastel colors, the clear inspiration from the Greek tradition, but also the elements of modern art.
In the Trabala workshop, visitors can select from a variety of objects for their houses. From elegant plant holders, organic vases, cups, and bowls, to impressive sculptures, and accessories.




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