Black Country, New Road Live in Athens

Dec 09, 2023 — Dec 09, 2023 • Category: Events
Location: Gazi

A newly-found group consisting of innovative rock and indie musicians, Black Country, New Road (or BCNR, for short) will have their first-ever show in the city of Athens, presenting their tunes at the FLOYD live music venue on December 9th!

Black Country, New Road first burst onto the scene as an exceptional fusion between post-punk, experimental rock, indie rock, post-rock, free jazz, and chamber music in early 2021, with the release of their first album, For the first time! Showcasing their virtuosity and unique approach to songwriting, tracks like Athens, France and Sunglasses quickly became favorites amongst lovers of the 2010s post-punk revival scene!

A year after their first record, this group of young adult musicians entered a new territory of worldwide recognition and fame, topping the charts with their groundbreaking sophomore release, Ants From Up There, a 58-minute masterclass in emotionally driven songwriting, considered by many to be their magnum opus to date! Full of musical peaks and valleys, songs such as Concorde and The Place Where He Inserted the Blade became instant classics among the group’s fans and new listeners, whereas lengthy cuts like Snow Globes and the 12-minute Basketball Shoes closed off the album in a grandiose way!

After the main vocalist Isaac Wood left the band in early 2022, the now six-piece will visit the capital of Greece, playing all the songs from their brand new live recording titled Live at Bush Hall, featuring tracks that were composed after Wood’s departure! Their current lineup consists of three instrumentalists and main singers, namely Tyler Hyde, Lewis Evans, and Mary Kershaw, who, along with drummer Charlie Wayne, guitarist Luke Mark, and violinist Georgia Ellery, will continue their musical journey and their global touring as one of rock’s biggest up-and-comers!