Athens with Kids

Travel in Athens With Kids: Traveling with kids can be an exhausting experience. While you want to walk around the ancient sites and climb up hills to see the city from above, children will more likely get bored or tired.
Kids need entertainment on their trips and something to attract their interest.
Fortunately, Athens is a town with plenty of fun activities for children. If you have some time left, check out what could be interesting not only for kids but for the whole family.

Museums for Kids

There are many museums for kids in Athens. Luckily, many organize educational activities, too.

The Hellenic Children's Museum, established in 1987, is a lovely museum based on the needs and the personality of young kids. It addresses children up to 12 and every weekend, there are educational activities with handicrafts and performances. It is located in the heart of Athens, at 19 Vasileos Georgiou B Street.

The cultural foundation Hellenic Cosmos also organizes educational programs for kids every weekend. Moreover, this foundation offers a unique Tholos with different movies every time. These 3D digital movies may concern ancient history, the environment, daily life, or other interesting topics. Hellenic Cosmos is located at 254, Pireos Street.

Karagiozis Museum is another fun museum for kids. Located in Kastalia Square, Maroussi neighborhood, this museum is dedicated to shadow theatre and its long tradition in Greece. Children will see figures of shadow theatre and will learn the process of making such a figure.

Last but not least, the Museum of Illusions in the center of Athens guarantees a unique, fun and educational experience, all at once! The Museum has created a space ideal for recreational tours in the world of illusions that will mess with all family members' minds in the most amusing way!

Outdoor activities

Like many capitals, Athens has its own zoo. Attica Zoological Park is located in Spata and you need a taxi or a car to get there. It first started as a bird collection, which is why it hosts the third-largest bird collection in the world. However, it gradually started to host wild and domestic animals, snakes and other reptiles. All these are animals born in captivity or used for experimental purposes and were then adopted by the park. This is a place that kids will love.

A visit to the Planetarium will surely excite and impress the kid and adult visitors alike! The up-to-date technology it boasts will gift all guests with an interactive and very vivid space experience. The Planetarium is located at 387 Syngrou Avenue.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is an excellent place to visit with children, too. Its facilities cover many acres, several of which are grassed over. Children can play while you have a picnic or sit in a cafe/canteen. The foundation also organizes many activities and workshops for children. SNFCC is located at 364 Syngrou Avenue, near the Planetarium.

Athens is also a city with many entertainment parks and funfairs. The most famous is Allou! Fun Park in the Renti neighborhood. This is a place with games for both kids and teenagers, although parents may be afraid of some of these games.