Thessaly Weather

Information about the Weather in Thessaly, in Greece but also information about the weather in many locations of the group (average temperatures and forecast): The climate of Thessaly is pleasant in the coasts of the Aegean and much heavier in the center, where it is surrounded by mountains. The whole region is characterized by a continental climate where winters are cold and summers are hot. The temperature changes dramatically between these two seasons with many drops of rain. Rainstorms usually occur in the plains of Thessaly, during the summer months which strengthen the fertility of the area surrounded by imposing mountains.

Due to the high mountain ranges the region is known for, the weather is colder at a high altitude and rather unpredictable. There are usually snow reports and rain. The highest temperatures are seen in Larissa. On the whole, summers are very warm and pleasant to spend your vacation.

Weather in each region

Information about the weather in the regions of Thessaly: