Pelion Geography

Pelion is a region located in Thessaly and more particularly in the prefecture of Magnesia. This region resembles a hook-shaped peninsula and lies between the Aegean Sea, on one side and the Pagasetic Gulf, on the other side. This region is mountainous and is dominated by lush greenery. Large forests cover Mount Pelion, which can be very steep sometimes with gorges and ravines. The history and mythology of this place are strongly connected to the rest of the country.

As you cross the dense forests of Pelion, you will meet hidden valleys, waterfalls, fertile plains and steep slopes. The vegetation of Pelion consists mostly of pine trees, oaks, firs and chestnuts. Pelion also has about 50 villages on the mountainsides and most of them are built on slopes, therefore they have great views. The roads there are narrow and windy.

The geography of Pelion has a unique beauty. The eastern side of Pelion is characterized by crystal beaches at the end of green, steep slopes. The beaches of Pelion are famous for their clean water and an impressive environment. Some are organized, while others remain untouched by tourism. The most untouched region of Pelion is the southern side, due to its distance from Volos and the difficult access there.

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