Pelion Festivals & Cultural Events

Pelion is a region that keeps intact its traditional costumes. These customs are frequently revived in the many festivals and celebrations around the year.

Religious feasts & festivals

April 23rd
On April 23rd, on the feast of Agios Georgios, there is a large panigiri in Keramidi. After the litany of the icon, the locals celebrate with traditional dancing in the square, with visitors are offered a local dish called "pligouri".

July 17th
On July 17th, the village of Kissos celebrates the feast of Agia Marina with a large panigiri in the square.

July 7th
On July 7th, there is a large panigiri in Agia Kyriaki, on the southern side of Pelion.

August 15th
There are panigiria organized in most villages of Pelion on that day. Particularly popular are the panigiria in Vizitsa, Agios Lavrentios, and Kala Nera.

August 29th
There is a large panigiri in Vizitsa on August 29th, on the feast of Agios Ioannis Prodromos.

Cultural events

May 1st
On May 1st, the village of Trikeri celebrates the day of flowers with the revival of a traditional wedding. All women wear their traditional costumes and people gather at the village square to drink local wine and dance.

Tsipouro Festival
In June, the village of Katihori close to Portaria celebrates the Tsipouro Festival. There is a representation of the production of tsipouro. People dance traditional dances in the square and of course, they are offered free tsipouro.

Cherry Festival
A cherry festival is organized in Agios Lavrentios, usually the third week of June, with traditional music and dancing in the square.

Lehonitika Festival
On the occasion of the feast of Agioi Anargyroi, the first week of July, there is a popular festival in Ano Lehonia called "Lehonitika Festival". This festival includes trade markets, flower exhibitions, musical concerts, and theatre performances.

Sausage Festival
A Sausage Festival is organized every July in the small village of Stagites, close to Portaria. There is a representation of sausage making and then a large panigiri follows in the central square.

Argonaftika Festival
The Argonaftika Festival is organized every summer in Afissos to honor Jason and the Argonauts. Theatre performances, musical concerts, and other events are organized.

Traditional Wedding
The custom of traditional wedding revives in Portaria the last week of August.

Fisherman Festival
A Fisherman Festival is organized in Agria in late July, where fishermen revive old fishing customs and offer kakavia (traditional fish soup) to visitors.

Pear Festival
The Pear Festival is organized in Milies the last week of August.

Apple Festival
In the first week of September, there is an Apple Festival in Zagora, a village with rich apple production.