Partly closed due to fall of rocks

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Visitors to the archaeological site of Delphi, one of the most popular sites in Greece, turn disappointed when they go there, as almost half the site is closed! It has been a month now that a small rope prevents visitors to reach the temple of Apollo, the stadium and the theatre of Delphi, as for once more rocks from Fedriades Rocks on the southern side of Mount Parnassos has been detached from the mountain and fell into the ancient site, fortunately not causing any damage to the monument. It is for the same reason, due to shift, that the famous Kastalia Spring remains inaccessible for at least 15 years. Eight years ago, the stadium had also been closed as pieces of rocks had fallen down after a rainstorm. However, as evidences show, this phenomenon was usual even in the ancient times, due to the contraction and dilatation of the rocks in extreme weather conditions. To find a solution to this problem, scientists and staff of the Greek Ministry of Culture will go to Delphi to examinate the site from close. The most possible solution is to place a barded wire around the rocks over the site to prevent such dangerous occasions again.