Kastalia soon accessible after 15 years

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It will not be long until the spring of Kastalia in Delphi will be free from these gigantic rocks called Fedriades that collapsed about 15 years ago and blocked the way from the ancient site to the spring. The Administration for the Reconstruction of Archaeological Sites has called the escaladers to clear the rock traps around Kastalia, so that the spring will again be accessible to visitors. A ladder up to the rocks and a path through the forestall area will also be constructed to connect the spring with the ancient site. The final efforts concerning the completion of this special technical construction will soon be finalized, so that visitors have a safe access to this spring, where people would go in the antiquity to be cleaned from their sins before asking for a prophecy in Delphi. However, the fall of these rocks called Fedriades is not the only problem in Delphi. A large part of the area which receives in more than 300,000 visitors each year, remains without fencing and warning signs or even lacks access for people in special needs.  The amount valued for the transformation of this archeological part is measured between 700,000 and 800,000 euros, a budget that is ensured by the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). According to the framework, they are planning to make a new route that will contact the actual ancient site with the Archaeological Museum of Delphi.