Delphi Pythian Games

The Pythian Games in Ancient Delphi, in Greece: The Pythian Games were the predecessor of the Olympic Games. It was the most prestigious sporting tournament for athletes to show their skills before the ancient world. In fact, the Pythian Games were held at an interval of every four years between the Nemean games and the Isthmian games. The Games were held at the stadium in Delphi. The Pythian Games were held to honor the Greek God Apollo.

The origin of the Pythian Games dates back to the 6th century BC. Apart from sporting and athletics, the Pythian Games also hosted music and poetry competition. Of particular significance was the high profile Chariot Races. They were four horses affair and was held at the specially built venue, the Hippodrome. And just like the medals that are awarded to modern-day Olympic champions, the Pythian Games awarded a wreath of Bay Laurels that came from Tempe city, located in Thessaly.