Sporades Weather

Information about the Weather in Sporades islands, in Greece but also information about the weather in many islands of the group (average temperatures and forecast): The climate in Sporades islands is mild, the typical Mediterranean which is characterized by rainy winters and dry summers. The average temperature is 17oC, all year round. Rain often occurs in the evergreen islands of Sporades, washing the lush pine forests that reach the exotic beaches in the western and southern side of the island. In general, the climate of Sporades is very healthy. During the night there are Meltemi winds (the Greek name for the strong northern winds).

The winter is not so heavy and snow rarely occurs but when it does the islands are amazingly beautiful. The climate is similar to that of Cyclades but in the Sporades, it is definitely much weaker where strong winds last for a short period, mainly in autumn (September to October) therefore it is not the best time for sailing.

Weather on each island

Information about the weather on the islands of Sporades: