1st International Gay Festival

Jul 12, 2012 — Jul 15, 2012 • Category: Events

The 1st International Gay Culture Festival will take place on July 12th to 15th on the cosmopolitan island of Skiathos Greece. This festival is organized with the initiative of the Hoteliers Association of Skiathos. Young artists from all over the world will join their forces for the G Festival and various events will take place, from beach parties to poetry reading. In detail, the program of the festival is as follows: Thursday, July 12th Bourtzi Exhibition – Recitation of Kavafi's Poems – 20:00 Welcome cocktail – Hotel La Piscine – 21:00 Speakers: Mr Koukoulakis, Chairman of the Group AMKO Tourism Promotion and Marketing Skiathos Island and Northern Sporades, Speech from Mr Kriton Christianopoulos professor - psychologist. Topic: "The Semantics in Love" Only Invitation NIGHTIME: TEMPTATION – 21:00 Only Invitation Down Town Clubs – Party Theme: "Mama Mia" – 23:00 Friday, July 13th Beach Party – Beach: Vromolimnos – 13:00 Greek-Roman Wrestling with Oil WET- FEVER – 16:00 NIGHTIME: SLAVES OF SEDUCTION – 21:00 Only Invitation Opening Party Down Town Clubs – Thema: "Angels vs Demons" – 23:00 Saturday, July 14th Beach Party – Beach: Banana – 13:00 BEAUTY COMPETITION MR.KOUROS 2012 WET-FEVER – 16:00 NIGHTIME: LOVE – 21:00 Only Invitation Down Town Clubs – 00:00 MAIN PARTY: SEDUCTION NOW Sunday, July 15th Beach Party: CAN YOU MAKE A SEDUCTION NOW???? – 12:00 CRUISE TO THE ISLANDS OF TSUKRIA – 12:00-18:00 WET-TEAM WITH ALL THE MODELS IN THE BOAT NIGHTIME: SEEDS – 21:00 Only Invitation Closing Party Down Town Clubs – FASHION SHOWS AND WET-FEVER DANCE WITH THE DEMONS – 00:00