Spetsathlon Races 2015

Apr 25, 2015 — Apr 26, 2015 • Category: Events

Greek and international athletes are welcome to join this year's mass sporting event of Spetsathlon in one of the most beautiful Greek islands, Spetses island. Organized for the third consecutive year, Spetsathlon will take place on the last weekend of April, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, 2015.
This sports event is open to Greek and international participants, giving them the opportunity to explore the beauty of Spetses, while on a thrilling and invigorating running, swimming or biking race. The event includes three different races: the Triathlon race with two courses for runners and sprinters, the Bike Race around the island, and a 1,000m swimming race. Athletes have the chance to participate on their own or as part of a team, while participants between 15-17 years can join the event for free.
Get ready to run or bike, following a beautiful route along the coastline of Spetses, past pine trees, historical landmarks and picturesque cobbled streets, or enjoy the amazing emerald waters of the Saronic Gulf. Spetsathlon 2015 also features several happenings, such as the Pasta Party and other activities.
More info at: Spetsathlon Racing Event