Spetsathlon 2019

May 10, 2019 — May 12, 2019 • Category: Events

Spetsathlon is the biggest triathlon race in Greece and one of the country's biggest spring events!
Everything started back in 2013, when a race with an original concept was first organized. What made it so interesting was the fact that it included various activities, which attracted a great number of participants.
Today, 7 years later, Spetsathlon continues to captivate the attention of both local and foreign athletes. What are its activities today? Apart from running, athletes can also compete in swimming or cycling!
This year, the number of participants is expected to exceed 1000 people. This event is an opportunity not only to stay fit but also to visit the amazing island of Spetses!
If you are interested in participating in Spetsathlon, click on this link: www.spetsathlon.com