Spetses Mini Marathon 2023

Sep 29, 2023 — Oct 01, 2023 • Category: Events

The 12th yearly iteration of Spetses Mini Marathon, part of the annual Spetsathlon events, will be hosted in key points around the island of Spetses. An important part of Spetses Island, the event has become a staple and a cultural landmark for the locals!

This year’s Spetses Mini Marathon will consist of three running events, namely the 5km race, the 10km race, and the high-demand/high-reward 25km Mini Marathon! Alongside the teenaged and adult runners, the two children’s races will give the younger generation a first experience in the world of marathon running, with the 500m run and the 1km race! On top of that, the annual swimming 1.5km and 3km events are ready to host all swimming lovers, whereas athletes that participate in the 3km swimming race will start their journey from the coast of Kosta and make their way towards the island of Spetses!

Along with these exciting marathon-running events, a handful of events will also take place, most notably a pasta night hosted by the Greek pasta brand Melissa! Also, part of the Spetses Mini Marathon profits, as well as various donations from the public, will go towards building the first Pediatric Clinic on Spetses Island!