Restoration of Ancient Troezen

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The Central Archaeological Board approved the project for the restoration of Ancient Troezen, that is located about 10 km from Poros, on the opposite coast of Peloponnese. Although this archaeological site is very important and it played a distinct role in the antiquity, unfortunaely it is left today to decline. The site includes the temple of Hippolytus, the Asklepieion, a temple to Artemis and other ancient constructions, but today it faces serious problems. Ancient Troezen is unprotected, therefore time and weather have gradually eroded the marble and the stones, while the resting water, concentrated every time it rains, decays the foundations of the temples. More damage is caused by the rootholds that grow under the site and that have led to the destruction of many ancient buildings. The restoration project includes works for the support and completion of the Asklepieion, cutting down the trees and constructing a draining system. Also the site will be protected with fence and a kiosk. The town of Troezen had an important role in the Greek history and in mythology. In fact, this was the homeland of hero Theseus and also the tragic myth of Phaedra and Hippolytus was set there. The religious site of Troezen covered an area of 4,000 sq.m. in the ancient times but it suffered much damage mostly because of a strong earhquake in 250 B.C.