Olympia Geography

Apart from a famous archaeological site with a long history, the region of Olympia also hosts a lush green environment, with mountainous traditional villages and beautiful forests. Located in western Peloponnese, in the prefecture of Elia, the region is run by river Alfeios, one of the most important rivers in Greece.

The geography of Olympia highlights the ancient treasures and offers visitors some beautiful spots to explore and enjoy. As the region is rich in water, the main vegetation of the area is the plane tree, which needs a lot of water to grow up. In fact, plane trees are seen not only in the surrounding forests but also inside the village of Ancient Olympia. These trees give shade and refresh during the hot summer days.

The mountains around Ancient Olympia are dense in greenery and pretty secluded. Right above the site, there is Mount Kronion, from where the spectators would watch the Olympic Games. As the roads around Olympia are narrow and winding, the region has not developed in tourism. Therefore, this countryside with the traditional villages and the nice scenery gives a lovely view of rural life in Greece.

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