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Magoula village: Magoula is a village of approximately 1700 inhabitants, placed a few km to the north-west of Sparta. It is the capital of the municipality of Mystras. This village was part of ancient Sparta and now it has become an aristocratic area of high prestige. Its name is said to derive from the Latin word magus, which makes reference to something magical and beautiful.

The old churches, the nice residences and the remains of some mills make this village special. Magoula is also famous for the Sainopoulio open theatre, where important plays are performed in the framework of the Summer Cultural Festival; this theatre has seats for 2000 spectators and provides wonderful views of Mt Taygetos and the town of Mystras.

Another important site in Magoula is the Plethon Liberal School of Philosophy, founded by the academic Ioannis Theodorakopoulos in 1975 and dedicated to the memory of the Byzantine philosopher Georgios Gemistos Plethon, where lectures on philosophy issues are given till today.

Some important excavations were also performed in the Magoula area, which revealed interesting archaeological findings, such as a large mosaic floor and bath constructions.

For nature lovers, there are hiking trails along the river Knakionas and the hills of Analipsis. After a tiring day, you can taste delicious meals in the traditional taverns of the area. Along with Sparta and Mystras, many people choose to make a stop in Magoula to get supplies and have some rest. If that is your case, take this picturesque village into account and enjoy the stroll.

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