Constantine Paleologos

The statue of Constantine Paleologos in Mystras: In the square of the modern village of Mystras, you will find the statue of Constantine Paleologos, the last Byzantine emperor. The statue is made of iron and has a marble background. It shows him proudly holding his sword. This statue commemorates the emperor who defended his land and his people with his life.

Constantine Paleologos was born in Constantinople in 1405 and was the second son of the emperor Manuel II of Paleologos. In October 1443, he was named Despot of Mystras. He fought the Venetians who wanted to occupy the Peloponnese and built strong fortresses around many cities. He was married twice. Unfortunately, both his marriages lasted for a year each and both his wives died in the birth-giving.

Constantine Paleologos was crowned emperor of Byzantium in the cathedral of Agios Demetrios in Mystras in January 1449 and in March 1449 he went to Constantinople to rule the entire empire. He died on May 29, 1453, defending Constantinople from the Turks. The capital of the Byzantine Empire may have fallen to the Turks, but the Greeks still commemorate him as a king who fought to the death for his people and remains the symbol of the whole Byzantine Era.