Restoration plan for the Upper Town

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In times when vegetation is dense, the buildings in the Upper Castle of Monemvasia, except for the church of Saint Sophia, cannot be seen clearly. The local community was asking for years for the restoration of part of the Upper Castle so that the town was protected from time and weather conditions.

Few days ago, the Central Archaeological Board of Greece approved a master plan for the reformation of the Upper Town of Monemvasia that includes: cleaning of the main street that leads from the Low to the Upper Town, restoration of the central entrance gate, support of important monuments like the Bath Building and three residences, and also danger control for some parts that are under collapse.

The monument that mostly needs both internal and external restoration is the Byzantine Church of Agia Sofia, also known as Panagia Odigetria, dating from the 12th century AD. Located on the highest spot of the Castle of Monemvasia, this church was constructed on the site of the ancient acropolis and gives breathtaking view to the sea. Today it remains closed and can be seen only outside.

Generally the Upper Town of Monemvasia Castle is not inhabited today but it hosts some of the most impressive monuments. The residences of governors and noblemen were built in this part of the castle that was gradually abandoned in the 18th century. In the lowest part, which is still inhabited today, were the residences of traders and sailors as it was the closest to the port.