Museums in Kyparissia

The town of Kyparissia hosts an interesting Folklore Museum in Ano Poli, very close to the Medieval Castle. This museum is housed in a restored building. The building used to be a courthouse in the 18th century. The important note with this building is that Kostis Palamas, a great Greek poet, lived there for one year in 1881, when he was a child. This Museum occasionally organizes many cultural events, especially in the summer. These events include photo or paintings exhibitions, concerts and book presentations.

Other important museums to visit close to Kyparissia is the Archaeological Museum of Pylos, about 40 km away. Interesting archaeological places that can also be visited are the Site of Ancient Peristera, 8 km north of Kyparissia, and the Minoan Palace of Nestor, on the way to Pylos.

Folklore Museum

Housed in a traditional mansion in Ano Poli, beneath the Castle of Kyparissia, this Folklore Museum hosts traditional material, costumes and old photos from the region. In summer, it organizes seminars, lectures, and exhibitions.

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