Roman statue found in Small Theatre

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A marble statue was recently discovered during restoration works in the surrounding area of the Small Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, which is located just a walking distance from the seaside village of Ancient Epidaurus. This life-size statue was found enwalled in a building and it depicts the torso of a standing naked man with a cloth on his left shoulder, which is also wrapped over his arm. Archaeologists believe that the marble statue was sculpted in the 2nd century AD, during the Roman era and probably the time when Emperor Hadrian visited the region. This statue is believed to be a copy of a popular 4th century B.C. statue of the famous sculptor Polycletus. It depicts either god Hermes or a Roman officer. In fact, the statue has the characteristic Roman excess, with the purity of the structure and the large muscles. The place where this marble statue was found is believed to be the ancient Agora. The statue has been already moved to the Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus for cleaning and conservation. The photo is from