Zakynthos Sarakina House

Sarakina Mansion in Zakynthos: Close to the famous beach of Laganas lies the most nostalgic part of old Zakynthos, Sarakina Mansion, the last remaining house of Italian architecture. This beautiful country house lies deserted at the top of a hill, amidst a lush green forest and brings back memories of a rich island and the large Italian country houses that were spread around the countryside of Zakynthos in the Venetian times.

Sarakina is the most outstanding example of country houses that have survived the severe earthquake of 1953 in Zakynthos. Its exact construction date remains unknown to this day, but it is estimated around the early 19th century. Regarded as a masterpiece of Italian architecture, this house has neoclassical influences and baroque features. The symmetrical designs which are still preserved reflect the co-existence of age-old traditions and art movements in this monumental structure. The mansion has a red color which characterized the country houses of that time.

Today, visitors can see only the ruins of Sarakina Mansion. The only surviving parts of the house are the facade of the two floors with the entrance and the seven windows on the first floor. Plans are made for its restoration and the idea is to create a cultural center promoting education, encouraging the organization of conferences, meetings, concerts, and other cultural events.