Zakynthos Pelouzo Islet

The islet of Pelouzo close to Zakynthos: The islet of Pelouzo is placed on the Gulf of Laganas, opposite to the beach of Dafni and next to Marathonisi islet. Pelouzo is an abandoned islet, rocky, with a small nice cave to explore. Its best feature is the beach, with extremely fine sand and crystal clear water.

This small islet is mostly known because the Caretta-Caretta sea turtles go there to lay their eggs. Therefore this islet is protected and certain measures are taken to ensure the safety and quietness of the area. To mention an example, it is prohibited to stay on Pelouzo after sunset.

There isn't a boat itinerary to Pelouzo. As the region is a protected area for turtles, navigation is not allowed there. The only way to go is to swim. It takes two hours to swim from Dafni beach to Pelouzo.