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General information

Gerakas Beach in Zakynthos, spotted in the settlement of Vasilikos in southeastern Corfu, is a lengthy seashore that showcases a gorgeous sand-filled coast, ideal for sunbathing lovers! Praised for its natural beauty, Gerakas has clear, shallow waters, making it perfect for family trips, whereas it is also a lying place for the endangered Caretta-Caretta loggerhead turtle! On top of that, it is a popular spot for picture-taking due to its shape and lushly-vegetated background!

The seashore of Gerakas is partly organized, featuring a handful of sunbed pairs and parasols along its length! However, there are no on-the-beach snack spots, restaurants, or beach bars available, so it is recommended that you come well-prepared! Plus, a lifeguard is usually available during the summertime since that is when Gerakas gets really crowded!

Gerakas Map

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1 Review
  • ursula37 27 Sep 2010
    Awesome beach
    One of the best beaches on the island. A bit far from tourist resorts, but this is good for me. Only you have to go by car. The beach is gorgeous and so long. I was surprised to look at it from above, so long and clean. The blue water was glittering under the hot sun. The sand was so soft and hot, it was burning to walk on it (of course, this was our hottest day on Zakynthos, 42oC). Water was so refreshing and my sweating son didn't want to get out of the sea for two hours!! Frankly, an awesome beach!!