Ionian Weather

Information about the Weather in Ionian islands, in Greece but also information about the weather in many islands of the same group (average temperatures and forecast): The climate of the Ionian islands is characterized by mild winters and cool summers. Due to their pleasant weather conditions, thousands of people visit these islands as they are ideal for summer activities and sailing trips in the Ionian sea. The winter is not heavy and temperatures rarely fall below zero, even in January.

The frequent rainfall causes the lush vegetation which characterizes the islands. It rarely snows though. The summer is cool and the temperature rarely rises over 39oC even in the hottest days of summer. The islands have high levels of humidity due to the southeastern winds and the frequent rains, which is a common feature for all the Ionian islands. These weather conditions favor the fertility of the land and create natural beauty. One of the islands where it rains the most is Corfu.

Weather on each island

Information about the weather on the islands of Ionian: