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Information about the local Products of Ionian islands, in Greece but also information about local products on many islands of the group: Despite the tourist development of the Ionian islands, the inhabitants are still involved in agriculture and continue the traditional activities related to the fertile land. The Ionian islands are known for the large variety of products among which is the pure olive oil, the local wines, the figs, the thyme honey with its aromatic taste, the unique liqueur, the meat, cheese, and the tasteful legumes.

Fish is another product which is highly consumed around the Ionian. The fishing settlements of Corfu island, Kefalonia island and other islands are still the major centers for the distribution of the fresh fish.

The gastronomic traditions of these Greek islands are famous all around Greece. The local cuisine is highly appreciated with a vast range of products grown in the agricultural areas around the Aegean. Ionian tradition is famous for homemade sweets, like mandoles, spoon sweets, fruit liqueur which show the agricultural activity of these islands.

The art of wine-making plays a major role in the Ionian islands since the 15th century. Tasteful wine varieties that are widely credited for its excellent quality and strong flavor can accompany all meals. Ionian products are available in large quantities in the local shops of the islands.

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