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Lakka Village Paxi: Lakka is one of three main villages of Paxi island located 7 km north of Gaios, the capital town of the island. It is surrounded by two headlands that create a natural circular bay. The village is sheltered by the verdant hills and the lush green trees that also block the strong winds and create a picturesque and enchanting scenery. Lakka makes a safe harbour, chosen by many yachts and different types of crafts, especially in summer. Apart from the maritime means, it is possible to get to this village by regular bus service, which runs every day from Gaios, and reaches Lakka after the village of Loggos.

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Many interesting buildings with a strong Venetian influence can be found along the narrow streets of Lakka. Regarding the accommodation options in Lakka, visitors shall stay at the quiet villas scattered outside the village. Lakka has also several music bars that stay open until the early morning, in high season. The restaurants found in this location are also special, with the Italian influence complementing the traditional Greek cuisine.

This village has a particular charm, given by its lively nightlife and interesting activities but it gets neither too noisy nor too crowded. The area close to the harbour, obviously, concentrates large tourist crowds, while the surroundings provide great scenes in a tranquil framework. In case of choosing somewhere else to settle, the village of Lakka certainly worth a visit and it is pretty easy to reach.

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