Lefkada Ports

In brief, Lefkada does not have a main port as the Town is connected with the mainland via a bridge. However, two smaller ports are located in Nidri and Vassiliki. From there, travelers can get on a vessel and reach neighboring destinations.

Below, you can find more information about the ports of Lefkada:
Nidri PortVassiliki Port

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The port of Nidri is located about half way along the western coastline of Lefkada, 16 km away from Lefkada Town.
The port is mainly used by day boats, fishing boats and yachts. Some ferries heading to Kefalonia and Meganisi depart from there, as well as excursion boats heading to the nearby private island of Skorpios.

Transportation to & from the port

Lefkada Town : 17 km / 10.6 mi | Agios Nikitas : 28 km / 17.4 mi | Vassiliki: 20 km / 12.4 mi | Porto Katsiki : 32 km / 19.9 mi | Kathisma: 27 km / 16.8 mi

Car rental: A rental car is the best way to travel around Lefkada with ease! As Lefkada has several places to see but the local bus routes are limited to the most touristy areas. You can rent a car, ATV, quad, or motorbike, have it delivered to the port and leave immediately. 
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Taxi: Several taxis are located on the outskirts of the port but are not recommended for long-distance trips. If you visit Nidri in high season, however, it is advisable to call a radio taxi because the waiting time until you find a free one on the street can be long.

Bus: Nidri is connected by bus with Lefkada Town, Lygia and Nikiana. The buses depart several times a day, but the frequency of the routes may change depending on the season and the day of the week. For more information regarding the timetables, check out the official website of KTEL Lefkadas.

Hotel transfers: Some hotels offer a shuttle service to their guests. It is recommended to contact your accommodation and ask if such services are available.



The port of Vassiliki is located in the southern part of the island. Its distance from Lefkada Town is around 22 km while from Nydri it is 38 km. The port is small and mainly hosts fishing, recreational and day boats. Vessels to Kefalonia (Fiscardo) and Ithaca (Frikes) depart from Vasiliki during summer, too.

Transportation to & from the port

Lefkada Town : 37 km / 23 mi | Agios Nikitas : 27 km / 16.8 mi | Nydri: 23 km / 14.3 mi | Porto Katsiki : 15 km / 9.3 mi | Kathisma: 26 km / 16.2 mi

Car rental: Having your own vehicle allows you to visit Vassiliki anytime you want! You can also book your rental car online and select the port of Vassiliki as your pick-up location!
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Taxi: Even though not recommended for long trips, taxis are a convenient way to reach or leave the port. Visitors can find a few taxis in the area around the port. Calling a radio taxi is a better idea if you want to leave the port quickly.

Bus: Vassiliki is connected with Lefkada Town via KTEL buses. The buses depart a few times per day. The frequency and availability of the routes are subject to change. For more information concerning bus departures, you can visit the official website of KTEL Lefkadas.

Hotel transfers: Some accommodations offer shuttle services (free of charge or with an additional fee) to their customers. Contact your hotel in advance to ask about the service's availability and arrange a pick-up or drop-off if possible.