Lefkada Agiofili beach

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General information

Lefkada Agiofili: Agiofili beach is situated 40.5 km south of Lefkada Town and close to the village of Vassiliki. This is one of the clearest beaches in Lefkada with brilliant crystal waters and white soft sand. It is surrounded by white stone cliffs that create a beautiful setting and a feeling of seclusion. A nice trekking path connects Vassiliki with Agiofili. However, it is suggested to access the beach by boat from Vassiliki. You will definitely enjoy this short trip.



1 Review
  • Angelina 09 Aug 2020
    Never made it to the beach
    Never made it to the beach. After 20 min of dreadful road trip from Vassiliki (you better rend a 4x4 to get there) we were asked at the entrance for 7€ parking fee before even we could get a glance at the beach and decide whether it was worth it, so we just turned around. Though you should know what the access conditions are :)