Kefalonia Dias Islet

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Location: Paliolinos

Dias Islet in Kefalonia: Dias is a tiny uninhabited islet south of Kefalonia. Dias is the Greek name of Zeus, and it got it as there used to stand a temple of Zeus on top of its hills.

Currently, one can see a chapel dedicated to Panagia Diotissa (the Virgin Mary of Dias) that was built in the place of an older monastery. No monks reside there nowadays, but the chapel is celebrated every July 2nd when believers travel by boat to hold a small feast. The religious importance of the islet is apparent, as temples of the most prominent religion of each time were erected there.

Another interesting fact is that the well-known painter Nikolaos Kantounis was exiled by the British in 1821, because of his participation in the revolution. He was also in charge of painting the icons of the islet’s chapel.

Dias can be reached by boat from either Agia Pelagia or Pessada. However, to access the chapel, one must climb several stairs carved into the hills of the islet.



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