Ithaca Marmaka beach

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General information

Marmaka Beach Ithaca: Situated in the northern side of Ithaca, Marmaka beach is filled with white shiny pebbles that one of the best characteristics, among them you will find small pieces of fine marble shimmering under the sun.

This idyllic area is known for its emerald, mirror-like waters and the lush green surroundings. Nearby this enchanting beach lies the picturesque island of Agios Nikolaos, right in the centre of the bay. The splendid beaches of Aetos and Piso Aetos can be found in close distance.

Similar beaches small and secluded, hidden on the innermost parts of the island can be easily found. With a little will to explore, some deserted paradises can be discovered.

They are often quite hard of access but this is partly why they are magic. Hiring a boat from the villages of Kioni or Frikes is a chance to find some private little idyllic coves, gently dipping into the clean and pure water of the Ionian Sea.

Marmaka Map

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