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General information

Vatos is a small-sized village toward the western side of Corfu, spotted on a mountainous slope near the beach of Ermones and the Chapel of Agios Georgios. Surrounded by a plethora of large trees, forest areas, and lush green grass, Vatos village neighbors Ropa Valley (which once was a lake). Vatos’ semi-remote location and high altitude make it a very quiet village!

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Going for a walk through the forests and trees of Vatos, one will encounter plenty of sheep herbs, olive trees, and large vineyard areas, whereas the village is also a life reserve of high importance, being home to a large number of animal species!

The village of Vatos showcases narrow, cobble-paved streets, and impressive, uniquely-built buildings that pay testament to the current and past residential generations, while nowadays, there are over 300 inhabitants that live there permanently. A mix of renovated, semi-ruined, and brand-new houses can be spotted in Vatos, some of which now function as apartments to rent!

Furthermore, Ropa Valley also houses an 18-hole golf course at its premises, whereas the Vatos Mountain Trail, a charity marathon racing event, is one of the few yearly happenings!

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