Corfu Argirades

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General information

The small village of Argirades is a picturesque place near the villages of Neochoraki, Korissia, and the settlement of Roumanades in southern Corfu. This village, placed on the side of a hill filled with lush greenery, provides visitors with gorgeous views of the surrounding areas!

The design and architecture are based on Venetian-era buildings due to the Venetian rule of the Ionian, reflecting both the influences and the strategic position of those times. The houses in the middle of the village are relatively new, creating the illusion that Argirades is a contemporary settlement. However, strolling through the pedestrian-only streets of the Argirades village, one will witness the mesmerizing vintage-style cafeterias, taverns, and small shops, showcasing Argirades’ actual looks!

Housing about 600 residents, the village was declared a preserved settlement in 1977 in order to protect its houses, its flora, and its rich fauna. Its location provides easy access to both eastern and western Corfu while also being quite close to the fascinating Korrision Lake, as well as the seashores of Lakkies, Marathias, and Agios Georgios!

Argirades Map

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