Corfu Argirades

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General information

Argyrades Corfu: Argirades is a large picturesque village on the way to Lefkimi, located 33 km south of Corfu Town. The village lies on the slopes of a verdurous hill, offering lovely scenes to the surrounding area. The architectural heritage of the village has its roots in the days of the Venetian rule with houses that reflect the strategic position of the area.

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Narrow streets and well-preserved houses are some of the characteristics remaining from that time and one of the reasons that the village was declared a preserved settlement in 1977. The population of the village reaches 2,000 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and tourism. Although the surrounding region has been greatly developed with tourist resorts in Agios Georgios Argyradon, Kavos and Lefkimi, the village has preserved its original character.

Within a few kilometers from Argirades, there is Korrision Lake, a famous natural reserve with an important fauna and flora. The lake covers a huge sandy area linked to the sea through a narrow strip of water, while it is a special spot for the protection of wildlife and the preservation of different vegetation types. Over the years, the village remains strongly involved in the cultural scene with many festivals and religious celebrations.

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