Corfu Auliotes

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General information

Avliotes (or Auliotes) is a traditional, mountainous village on the northwestern side of Corfu, providing a peaceful and quiet environment. A settlement filled with lush greenery, old houses, and beautiful scenery, Auliotes is home to about 1200 residents who live in colorful homes with a Venetian architecture style! Plus, it is a fantastic destination for anyone that loves visiting churches, as the village hosts quite a few.

Once you reach Avliotes, make sure you visit the tavern/cafe located in the middle of the village, as well as have a walk through the picturesque alleys! Despite being a traditional settlement, Avliotes does have a handful of resorts and restaurants for you to choose from! Moreover, you can go down by Katevasidi Beach in order to enjoy the views towards the neighboring islet of Diaplo or take a dive in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea!

Auliotes Map

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