Movies Filmed in Corfu

Movies filmed on Corfu Island in Greece, in the Ionian: The splendid natural vistas of Corfu did not go unnoticed by film producers. In fact, Corfu has figured prominently in high profile and blockbuster movies. Mention must be made of the hit 1981 James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. This particular film immortalized Corfu's rich historical past viz-a-viz the scene depicting an underwater ancient Greek temple wherein a huge turtle is seen moving about in front.

The film's high profile Casino scene too was shot at Corfu's renowned landmark Achillion Palace. Additional scenes from the same film were shot in Corfu. For instance, the romantic walk that Melina and James undertake through the town's colorful streets and the scene of Melina being greeted by who else, but Bond on the island of Pontikonisi has catapulted Corfu in the big time world movie landscape. The colorful scene of the traditional Greek Wedding too was shot at the picturesque Danilia Village.

Ever since Corfu carved out a niche for itself as an ideal destination for shooting films post For Your Eyes Only, it was the turn of the BBC to shoot on this island. A Television serial and a movie which in fact was the adapted version of Gerald Durrell's best selling book My Family and Other Animals that was primarily based on the author's childhood spent on the island of Corfu in the 1930s.