Movies Filmed in Corfu

Movies filmed on Corfu Island: Corfu Town seems to have been a frequent filming area place for a wide variety of moviemakers! This prestigious destination gets its recognition due to the fact that it features gorgeous beaches, scenic mountainsides, and otherworldly beauty, slowly becoming a talked-about place amongst film lovers and directors.

The classic James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only with Roger Moore (1981) is a prime example of cinematography work on Corfu Island, boasting scenes filmed at the Kanoni, between olive tree slopes, and even underneath the sea level! Plus, shots at the landmark Achillion Palace and the stunning Pontikonisi have worked wonders to help Corfu become a more intriguing destination for directors!

Furthermore, the film Fedora (1978) had multiple shots that took place in Corfu and the island of Madouri near Lefkada, given that the main character was residing in a Corfiot villa apartment, whereas on the other hand, the action movie Hire to Kill (1990) is said to have portrayed some of the finest, most holistic views of the island!

In addition, My Family And Other Animals (2005) follows the life of Lawrence Durrell and his family moving to the island of Corfu, where Lawrence later became well-known for being a novelist and a poet. The movie’s photography shows the family residing in spacious villas as they live through a series of anecdotal stories. Moreover, The Great Tycoon (starring the legendary Anthony Quinn), a depiction of the relationship between Aristotelis Onassis and Jackie Kennedy, also included multiple shots on the idyllic island of Corfu!