Corfu Carnival

The Carnival of Corfu: Rooted in the times of the Middle Ages, the Carnival of Corfu is heavily inspired by the Venetians due to their rule during the past centuries. The Venetians are widely known to have over-the-top carnival festivities featuring bright colors, a wide variety of masks, and a feathery, elaborate dressing style! Taking place usually during the latter weeks of February or early March, the Corfiot Carnival is a large attraction of the island, hosting guests from all over the globe, along with plentiful entertaining happenings that keep everyone busy throughout its duration!

The main attraction of the Carnival of Corfu is, of course, its Great Parade, taking place in the cosmopolitan districts of Liston and Spianada Square! Usually split into small-sized groups, the myriads of enthusiastic participants create a unique atmosphere beneath the sounds of upbeat music and local dances!

The custom of burning the King Carnival, which wraps up the carnival festivities, cannot be skipped. Thought to have carried the sins of all the locals, this inner-cleansing ritual always creates a partying frenzy! It is also a tradition that Corfiots and the carnival participants be very careless with their language usage, reading what is supposedly King Carnival’s will, though actually being an elaborate way of using profanities regarding local politicians and recent scandals!

Plus, another Corfiot custom that takes place yearly is the mock wedding, consisting of a bride-and-groom couple, as well as a person dressed as a demon, destined to break up their wedding.