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Most wineries in Corfu are found in Ropa Valley, in the central part of the island. This is actually a large and fertile valley between Corfu Town and Ermones, where large vineyards are cultivated.
Although the island is not particularly famous for its wine production, Corfu wineries that try to export local wine open their premises to visitors. Wine varieties that thrive in Corfu are Kakotrygis, Skopelitiko and Petrokoritho, among others.

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At Nicoluzo estate they focus on making wines from native grape varieties, that now only exist in small amounts. Due to the fact that near the end of the 20th century many families departed from the countryside abandoning the vineyards, the local grape varieties have perished and only a few survived ...
Ano Korakiana

Theotoky Estate

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Located in the Ropa Valley, Theotoky Estate is a 300-acre estate that includes a winery, olive press and a fantastic library. It is open to visit and wine tasting.